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Quality Fabric Of The Month

DRYENERGY™: A Refreshing Blend Of Fibers

Achieve o2's newest offering combines Celliant™ oxygenating, energy-transmitting technology with Dri-release® fiber-based moisture management technology enhanced with FreshGuard® bacteriostatic odor-eliminating treatment.

Janet Bealer Rodie, Associate Editor

A chieve o2 LLC, a Beverly, Mass.-based manufacturer of wellness and performance-promoting yarns, socks, accessories and footwear products - including therapeutic and performance hosiery, braces, footwear linings and accessories containing Celliant™ oxygenating, energy-transmitting technology - has introduced DRYENERGY™ yarn and a line of socks that offer the combined performance of Celliant technology and Dri-release® moisture-management fiber technology enhanced with FreshGuard® odor-eliminating treatment. Achieve o2 is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the new yarns, which it is offering to performance, sports and medical markets.

"This is going to be a superior technology for 2009 and beyond. It's taking two great technologies - Dri-release moisture management from a blend of fibers rather than a topical treatment, and Celliant technology clinically proven to reduce pain and also increase oxygen in the body," said Adam Scire, business manager, Achieve o2. "Putting those two together makes a great product. The socks are so soft, and the technology is applicable in apparel in many, many markets."

Socks made with Achieve o2’s DRYENERGY™ yarn provide refreshing therapeutic and performance benefits thanks to the combination of Celliant™ and Dri-release® technologies.

Celliant technology, offered by Newport, Calif.-based Hologenix LLC, is the latest-generation version of Holofiber®, whose development was spurred in the 1990s by research in the field of alternative medicine into the health-promoting benefits of certain natural substances used in Asian holistic medical therapies. By the early years of this decade, the team had developed the technology to the point that the materials could be incorporated into apparel, bedding and medical textile products that have proved in clinical tests to increase oxygenation levels in the skin by 8 to 24 percent, significantly reduce pain and equalize body temperature including the temperature of the hands and feet. There also is a study currently underway to validate the technology's role in increasing blood circulation. Test subjects have included both diabetics and people without such health issues, and products in the marketplace - including those offered by Achieve o2 - are geared to diabetic and orthopedic markets as well as athletic and general consumer markets.

According to Jim Ciccone, operations manager at Hologenix, there is a certain mystique to the way the technology actually works. The company states that the material interacts with certain wavelengths of visible and invisible light and changes them into energy, which is transmitted from the fabric to the body either immediately or over a period of time.

"There are a lot of concepts as to how it actually works," Ciccone said. "What we do understand is that it has the ability to help relax the capillaries, allowing blood and oxygen to move through more freely."

Ciccone said the substances that provide the function are all natural and finely granulated. "The formula is patented, and there's a very precise amount of each item that's combined," he added. The micron-sized materials are imbedded in a polyester polymer during extrusion, providing permanent function.

The Dri-release technology, developed by Wilmington, Del.-based Optimer Performance Fibers (OPF), a division of research-based polymer developer Optimer Inc., intimately blends hydrophobic man-made and hydrophilic natural fibers in one yarn to wick moisture from the skin and quickly release it on the outer side of a fabric. The function derives solely from the fiber properties rather than from topical treatments, and the presence of the natural fiber adds an aesthetic quality that may be lacking in many 100-percent man-made fiber materials. The moisture-management function is accompanied by Optimer's FreshGuard treatment that is imbedded in the Dri-release yarn and eliminates odors by preventing odor-carrying oils from the skin from attaching to the fabric.

The Dri-release yarn used in Achieve o2's Dry energy products is a blend of 85-percent Celliant and 15-percent cotton. "Celliant, as a polyester fiber, fits very well on that side of Dri-release," said Lee Thompson, East Coast business development manager, OPF.

Thompson said the partnership between Achieve o2 and OPF yields benefits for both companies. "Achieve o2 was offering Celliant socks and other products mainly to medical or therapeutic end uses. Their socks were mainly marketed to diabetics, a market that Dri-release has not really had an opportunity to participate in," he explained. "Combining the two technologies was a way to introduce the Celliant technology in a bigger way to the outdoor, athletic and sports markets. It was also way for Dri-release to enter some of those therapeutic markets that Optimer has not been a part of."

Thompson said a lot of excitement has been generated over Dry energy, especially in the sock market.

Scire concurred, saying response to its new offering has been "fabulous. Major brands are coming on board to offer socks with Dry energy."

For more information about DRYENERGY™, contact Adam Scire (704) 799-2035; adam@achieve-o2.com; www.achieve-o2.com.

December 9, 2008