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November/December 2015 November/December 2015

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From Farm To Fabric: The Many Faces Of Cotton - The 74th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)
12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

Capstone Course On Nonwoven Product Development
12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

2nd Morocco International Home Textiles & Homewares Fair
03/16/2016 - 03/19/2016

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ITMA 39 99 Knitting

An in-depth directory of what knitting manufacturers will be showing at ITMA

In this final series of preview articles on ITMA 99, ATI takes a look what some of the key machinery manufacturers in the knitting area will show in Paris.A-CAP Knitting Elements Inc., Hall 7/3, Stand B 31, will show flat parts for large diameter circular knitting machines and panty hose/socks machines.Briggs Shaffner Co., Winston-Salem, N.C., Hall 7/3, Stand C 43, will show textile beams for fiber production, fabric weaving and warp knitting.Camber International Ltd., United Kingdom, Hall 7/2, Stand D 09, will show a range of single and double knit machines. According to the company, it will show two of its latest machines, a single feed single jersey with a complete preparation system and a double knit jersey mini jacquard machine. On the Memminger stand, adjacent to the Camber stand, they will be showing a Quattro four color high speed electronic stripper.Comez S.p.A., Italy, Hall 8, Stand B 32, will exhibit crochet knitting machines and ancillary equipment.E-HEAG Eiele Apparate- und Geratebau GmbH, Germany, Hall 7/3, Stand C 45, will show a conventional linking machine, an assembly system KMF 764/765, and the EAG 1000/1 sewing unit for the processing of knits with machine pitch range from E5 to E14, and processing of facings with widths from 20 to 180 mm.Groz-Beckert KG, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand H 17a and Hall 7/2, Stand C 10.Haase + Kuhn S.A., Switzerland, Hall 7/3, Stand A 7, will show knitting needles and elements for industrial knitting machines.Hugo Kern und Liebers GmbHandCo., Germany, Hall 7/2, Stand B 22, will exhibit elements and accessories for knitting, including jacks, sinkers and selectors.L-MLiba Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, Hall 7/2, Stand C 42, will show new types of tricot machines, Raschel machines and weft insertion machines. The company will also display a warping unit.Christoph Liebers GmbH, Germany, Hall 7/2, Stand C 20, will show sinkers and other elements for large diameter knitting machines, including selectors, jacks, and sliders.Harry Lucas, Germany, Hall 7/2, Stand D 29, will show circular knitting machines, warp knitting machines and braiders. The company will show its RR2-Z-1-1 2s interlock machine for the production of gusset material including a cutting device and rolling device for bands.The RME machine for the production of orthopedic compression hosiery with full electronic control will also be shown. The RD-2s wire knitting machine with electronic thread control, needle head breakage control and fabric control will be shown.MayerandCie, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 7/2, Stand C 09.Mayer Industries Inc., Hall 7/2, Stand A 10, will show a new prototype development called Fiberknit. This machine is a high production circular sliver knitting machine for high quality plush fabric in plain and full Jacquard from all types of fiber. Weight ranges from 180 grams to 750 grams per square meter are possible. The company will also introduce its latest line of circular sliver knitting machinery, the SK18II and SK-18JII.Karl Mayer GmbH, Germany, Hall 5, Stand C 08 and Hall 7/2, Stand A 50, will exhibit the their latest developments in the areas of warp knitting, stitch-bonding, warp preparation/warp knitting and circular looms. The tricot and raschel machine are for a range of apparel, home, household, technical and industrial uses.The tricot knitting machines on display will be the HKS 2-3, the HKS 3-1 and the HKS 4. Among the Raschel machines on display are , the RSE 4-1, the MRPJ 25/1 and the RJPC 4 F-NE.M.C.M Srl, Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand B 15, will show knitting machines of various sizes and cuts.Mec Mor Srl, Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand A 20, will show its Variatex 4000 circular machine for knitted outerwear (42-inch), integrated systems for knit tuck and miss or selective transfer and reception.Memminger-Iro GmbH, Germany, Hall 7/2, Stand C 12, will show several devices and yarn feeders including the MPF positive yarn feeder; the MER elastane roller; the SFE/SFT storage feeder; the ITF stripper feeder and MJS VCL venti-Cleaner; FN FN-Cleaner; Pulsonic pressure oiler; LMW fault detector; Decotex; Wesco yarn rate/length meter; LMT elastane/yarn content analyzer; Cadratex special fabric spreader; its side-creel systems: Combicreel, Fancreel and Filtercreel 2; EFS electronic yarn feeder; Novaknit storage feeder; and Elan positive yarn feeder.Monarch Knitting Machinery Corp., Flushing, N.Y., Hall 7/2, Stand C 22, will have on display eight knitting machines. These include the V-7E00 30x20, V-SECPLT 30x20 (26 Feed True 3 Height Sinker Loop Machine), V-LPJ3B 30x20, V-LEC6 30x28, V-LEC4D 30x20, VX-SEC4Y 30x28, VX-SEC7ME (Mesh) 30x28 and VX-RDSY 30x28. The company will also show machinery at both of the Memminger stands.O-ROrizio Paolo S.p.A., Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand C 01, will show its model PLE single knit circular machine and its model MJD/CE double knit circular machine. The PLE is a single knit machine for the production of jacquard synthetic fur fabrics with needle-by-needle electronic selection. The model MJD/CE double knit machine has electronic needle-by-needle selection in three technical ways on the cylinder and swing cams on the dial. It is equipped with an electronic take-down system.Valentin Rius Clapers SA, Spain, Hall 5, Stand D 22, will special fast knit braiders, electronic trimming machines, electronic knitting machines, a high speed crochet machine and a twisted cord machine. Other products to be exhibited include fast knit braiders, bandage making machines, spooling machines, chainette machine, electronic sectional warper, small size electronic direct warper, automatic winding machines for sewing machines, automatic cutting machine for narrow fabrics and cord, and trimming machines.S-TSaxonia-Frenche of America Inc., Spartanburg, S.C., Hall 7/3, Stand A 48, will show blades for warp knitting. Other products to be exhibited include blades for circular knitting and weaving.Scomar A.R.M.I. Srl, Italy, Hall 7/3, Stand C 31, will show an electronic flat knitting machine, Digiuit + ATSU device. Other products to be exhibited include flat knitting machines model: Digiuit 160, A-80 Export CE, Super Jumo 36 2T, and BC 36 2T.Stoll GmbHandCo., Germany, Hall 7/3, Stand E 21, will show its entire line of knitting machines on its over 1,000-square-meter stand. The company will present its new machine in the compact class, the CMS 330 TC 4. This machines features include an unlimited width of narrowings for double-sided knits through two permanently-mounted additional beds and high productivity through three full-quality knitting systems. It is especially suited for producing intarsia patterns.Terrot Strickmaschinen GmbH, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 7/2, Stand B 30. Tritex International, United Kingdom, Hall 7/2, Stand D 20a, will show six knitting machines, five of which are new. The sixth machine has never been shown at an exhibition but has been available for commercial use for two years. These include the HS950 shaped/striped hockey sock machine; the PS100 pot scourer machine; the CW200 electronic circular warp knit machine; the CD 2 circular knit braider machine; the Wrp V flat warp knitting machine and the LT101 laboratory sampling machine.U-VUniwave Inc., Farmingdale, N.Y., Hall 7/2, Stand B 01, will show the Accu-spray knitting machine lubricator, pulse lubricator, and lint control system. Other products to be exhibited include a lint blowing Roll-Kleen fan, and a central monitor for production monitoring.Vanguard Supreme (Monarch Knitting), Hall 7/2, Stand C 22, will exhibit four knitting machine. A four raceway single jersey machine in three feeds per inch, Model KS/A3R, a terry / velour machine in 1.5 feeds per inch, Model KS/1.5L, a two track rib machine in two feeds per inch, Model 2SR2/v and a four raceway single jersey machine in four feed per inch, Model 4SJ4/HAC.Vignoni Srl, Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand B 15, will show knitting machines and related equipment. These include: the VENIS-E 60-inch, single jersey large diameter full Jacquard; the VENIS-E 17-inch, body size full Jacquard, the VENIS-Open 30-inch single-jersey mini-Jacquard open fabric rolling system, the FLORENS-E 30-inch double-jersey full Jacquard and the QUADRO 36-inch double-jersey for rib-based fabric.

May 1999