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Somet Introduces Mythos

The Italian weaving machine manufacturer presents an exciting new air-jet machine to weavers.

At a recent press conference in Florence, Italy, Somet SpA (Somet of America Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.) introduced its new Mythos air-jet weaving machine. Management presented it as the most modern and technologically advanced product available on the market.The initial design stage of the new machine started at the end of 1997. The fundamental goals included unsurpassed mechanical and textile performance, great versatility, operational simplicity, reduced labor involvement, reduced machine manufacturing cost without sacrificing quality and superior quality of the produced fabric.The first design was aimed at researching a basic mechanical structure that would make the machine very sturdy. The result was achieved in collaboration between Somets internal design group and the Department of Structural Mechanics at the University of Florence in Italy, as part of a national research program for textile mechanics.  Technical Solidity
Through analysis, the research teams concluded that in order to achieve an absolutely solid structural base with extreme rigidity, a very wide frame was required. Somet officials pointed out that Mythos has the widest frame in a weaving machine when compared to products of the competition.An additional factor that guided the design of the new product was the quest to reduce the number of parts used. For example, the right drive assembly consists only of a compensator, two cam-operated rollers and a camshaft. This simplification has allowed Somet to design an extremely small drive box compartment with savings in the amount of lubricant used. The wide frame further integrates mechanical parts, contributing to a reduction in the number of parts used by avoiding mounting assemblies.The machines main crossbar also serves as a receiver for the relay nozzles. A similar set-up applies to the upper crossbar, which supports the frame guides and serves as a receiver for the nozzle feed assembly.Somet emphasizes that the great robustness and rigidity of the machines structure has introduced motions for the sley that favor the weft insertion process without compromises that could impair the productivity and energy consumption of the machine. Even though the kinematics laws are pushed to their limits, the robust structure of the machine makes optimal weaving the main focus.Positive side effects include the possibility of reaching very high weaving speeds, less tension on the weft during filling insertion and lower air consumption. The Mythos can operate at industrial speeds that are beyond 1,000 rpm for a 190-cm-wide machine. For 360-cm-wide machines, 700 rpm will be achievable in an industrial setting. Focus On Weaving QualityMythos was designed with actual fabric quality in mind. The shed formation takes into account the necessity of best possible weft insertion and also focuses on the hand of the fabric. A new stopped reed pick-finding motion ensures total elimination of stop marks for almost all fabric styles. The machine can also rely on a series of devices and electronic functions. The Anti-Stretch Function (ASF) system and the Air Control system ensure the highest fabric quality even under the most difficult working conditions. The electronically controlled warp let-off motion and cloth take-up is derived from the proven systems of the rapier machines.Somet paid particular attention to making Mythos compatible with its rapier weaving machine and to standardizing as many parts as possible.The most significant advantage is that both types have the same operating system and the same user interface. The standardization of the two types of looms goes well beyond simple accessories. About 65 percent of all components are interchangeable. Total interchangeability is guaranteed for harness frames, warp beams and other accessories used on Somet air-jet and rapier machines. Advanced PneumaticsThe heart of the Mythos is the pneumatic insertion system. Choosing the type of pneumatic system involved an ever-increasing number of colors. Somet understood the demand for weaving machines with tappet motion or dobby, capable of operating with six colors and eventually with eight colors. It led to the development of a type of system that does not require receivers for each color.Up to now, the air-jet machines produced by Somet had an air consumption similar to that of leading competitors. However, Somet emphasizes that the Mythos boasts a reduction in air consumption that can be even greater than 10 percent, based on tests conducted in the field and through side-by-side comparisons with competing products.The looms pneumatic system features a discharge valve where residual compressed air at the end of the weft insertion phase is discharged and does not affect the weaving process. This enables the elimination of stress peaks on the weft due to the air pressure still present in the nozzles during the weft stop on the pre-measuring device. The result is a considerable reduction in weft breakage, especially in the case of particularly weak weft yarns. Stretch NozzleThe patented system of weaving without waste selvage was developed by Somet and has always been a feature of its air-jet machines. The stretch nozzle, the heart of this system, demonstrates reliability with any kind of weft. It enables savings in reduced waste and warp stops because of the total elimination of selvage yarns.The Mythos is highly automated, due to the increased power of the control microprocessor.The electronic selvage binding device, for example, is completely controlled by Socos Jet (SOmets COntrol System) with a fast and easy set-up, and the system for automatic pick repair with automatic restart is now further optimized.The Mythos can be equipped with a patented pneumatic tucking device, completely different from the one Somet presented originally. It can be used on a vast range of wefts (different counts and types), and the possibility of using the tuckers with simultaneous double insertion greatly increases the overall flexibility of the weaving machine.The Mythos will be available in 190- to 380-cm widths, equipped with two to six colors. All major shedding motions are available as well as a wide range of optional accessories and devices.

June 2000