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November/December 2015 November/December 2015

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Vietnam Fashion, Fabric & Garment Machinery Expo
11/25/2015 - 11/27/2015

From Farm To Fabric: The Many Faces Of Cotton - The 74th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)
12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

Capstone Course On Nonwoven Product Development
12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

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Textile News

New Age Textiles

7th OTEMAS helps lead the textile industry into the 21st century with information technology and the latest textile machinery.

OTEMAS TI Special Report 

New Age Textiles OTEMAS helps lead the textile industry into the 21st century using information technology and the latest textile machinery. 
Now in its 25th year, the 7th Osaka International Textile Machinery Show (OTEMAS), will take place October 8-13, 2001, in Osaka, Japan. OTEMAS, sponsored by the Japan Textile Machinery Association (JTMA), and the Osaka International Trade Fair Commission, encompasses the entire textile and fashion industries.Latest numbers indicate more than 400 exhibitors from 24 countries will participate in the show in 45,000 square meters of exhibit space. This includes 314 companies exhibiting textile machinery and equipment, as well as 107 information technology (IT) firms that will exhibit in the IT Pavillion.Visitors can view large-scale demonstrations of machinery and equipment from leading European and Japanese companies. Exhibits will cover automation assisted by high-speed and computer technologies; response to numerous designs, small lots, short lead-times; high quality and high performance; simple and easy operation; and environmental friendliness.Leading Japanese machinery manufacturers have decided to display their latest technology at OTEMAS only and will not participate in this years ITMA Asia.The IT Pavillion is a new addition to this years OTEMAS. Consisting of two feature zones and seven exhibition zones, the pavillion will specialize in IT technology, demonstrating solutions for the textile and fashion industries.The feature zones Fashion Show and Internet Village include a virtual fashion show using 3-D computer graphics and will expose the visitor to a world created by broad-band access to the Internet.The IT exhibition zones include exhibitors in the areas of: Hardware and Software; Digital Merchandising; Systems and Solutions; e-Commerce; Network Solutions; as well as an Overseas Pavillion and Challenge Corner (IT business incubator).Complimentary copies of Textile Industries will be available at the TI booth, Hall 2, booth number 2005.OTEMAS hopes to help lead textile companies into the 21st century using the latest machinery, equipment and IT available to the industry.  For more information about the 7th OTEMAS, contact Osaka International Trade Fair Commission, Intex Osaka, 1-5-102, Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0034, Japan; 81 6 6612 1212; Fax 81 6 6612 8585; www.fair.or.jp. Preregistration for overseas visitors has been extended to October 1. ExhibitorsJapanese ExhibitorsAce Co. Ltd.Aiki Seisakusyo Ltd.Akashi Kiko Co. Ltd.Alse Co. Ltd.Asa Kando Co. Ltd.Asagoe Machine Mfg. Co. Ltd.Asahi Trading Co. Ltd.ASCII Corp.Awa Spindle Co. Ltd.Cortec Co. Ltd.CSS Computer Software System Co. Endo Kogyo Co. Ltd.Fukuda Label Loom Co. Ltd.Fukuhara IndustrialandTrading Co. Fukuhara Needle Co. Ltd.Futaba Bobbin Co. Ltd.Futaba Co. Ltd.Gounai Reed Co. Ltd.Groz-Beckert Japan KKH. IkeuchiandCo. Ltd.Hara Corp.Heiwa Sangyo Co. Ltd.Himekobata NishimuraHiraiwa Iron Works Co. Ltd.Hirano Tecseed Co. Ltd. Hisaka Works Ltd.Hokuetsu Denken Corp.Howa Machinery Ltd.Intec Co. Ltd.IO ProjectIrisu Shokai KK (C. IlliesandCo. Ltd.)Ishikawa Seisakusho Ltd.IT Techno Corp.Itochu Texmac Corp.Iwama Loom Works Ltd.Izumi Corp.Izumi International Co. Ltd.Japan Textile CenterJapanese Metal Detector Mfg. Co.Jatec Co. Ltd.Kamitsu Seisakusho Ltd.Kanebo Engineering Ltd.Kanematsu KGK Corp.Kanpatsu Kogyo Co. Ltd.Kasuga Denki Inc.Kasuga Denki Co. Ltd.Kasyu Corp.Kawamoto System Corp.Keisokki Kogyo Co. Ltd.Kiji Reed Co. Ltd.Kindai Co. Ltd.Kinyosha Co. Ltd.Kokubur Ltd.Kurabo Industries Ltd.Kyocera Corp.Kyoshin TechnicaKyoto Machinery Co. Ltd.LGL Electronics Co. Ltd.Lube Corp.Luwa Japan Ltd.Magica Corp.Marubeni Tekmatex Corp.Marusa Kanaosa SeisakusyoMarui Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.Matsuda Company Ltd.Matsushita Seiki Co. Ltd.Minolta Co. Ltd.Mitsuwa Co. Ltd.Murata Machinery Ltd.Nakagoshi Machinery Co. Ltd.Nankai Industrial Co. Ltd.Nanya Loom Parts WorksNichimen Corp.Nichimen Machinery Corp.Nihon GrobandCo. Ltd.Nihon Heberlein KKNihon Shoryoku Co. Ltd.Nihon Spindle Mfg. Co. Ltd.Nippon Detectors Ltd.Nippon Mayer Co. Ltd.Nippon Selen Co. Ltd.Nippon Thompson Co. Ltd.Nippon Nozzle Co. Ltd.Nisshinbo Industries Inc.NSD Ltd.Ogura Clutch Co. Ltd.OKK Corp. Opex Corp.Organ Needle Co. Ltd.Osakura SeisakusyoOsaka Senken Ltd.Oshima Machinery Co. Ltd.Oya Sewin Machine Co.Ozeki Techno Co. Ltd.Picanol Japan Ltd.Precision Fukuhara Works Ltd. Prop Trading Corp.PS Mfg. Co. Ltd.RinnaiRyomo Systems Co. Ltd.Saint-Gobain Norton KKSakata Inx Corp.SAM Engineering Co. Ltd.Sando Iron Works Co. Ltd.Sanko Electronic Laboratory Co.Sano Trading C Nippon KKSchott Nippon KKSeika Corp.Seiren Electronics Co. Ltd.Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd.Shinko Sangyo Co. Ltd.Shinwa Co. Ltd.Shoei Co. Ltd.Staff Co. Ltd.Stli KKSteel Heddle International Inc.Stoll Japan Co. Ltd.Stork Nippon tp KKSumika Chemical Analysis ServiceSumitomo 3M Ltd.Sun-Color Co. Ltd.Suprena Inc.Suzuki Sangyo Co. Ltd.Suzuki Sangyo Kaisha Ltd.T.Y. Tex Co. Ltd.Takaoka Co. Ltd.Takata Kanaosa SeisakusyoTakayama Reed Co. Ltd.Takemura Co. Ltd.Takemura Technoworks Co. Ltd.Tateishi Industry Co. Ltd.Teijin Seiki Textile Machinery Co.Textile Journal Co. Ltd.The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.Todo Seisakusho Ltd.Tokiwa Shoji Co. Ltd.Tokushu Kika Kogyo Co. Ltd.Tomen Corp.Tomen Machinery Co. Ltd.Toray Engineering Co. Ltd.Toshin Kogyo Co. Ltd.Toyo Electric Co. Ltd.Toyokoki Co. Ltd.Toyoda Automatic Loom WorksToyoda-Sulzer Sales Ltd.Toyota Tsusho Corp.Toyotsu SK Co. Ltd.Tsudakoma Corp.Tsujii Dyeing Machine Manufacturing Unisupply Trading Co. Ltd.Washi Mayer Co. Ltd.Yagikuma Co. Ltd.Yamada Dobby Japan Co. Ltd.Yamaguchi Sangyo Co. Ltd.Yano Laboratory Co.YM Systems Inc.YoshikohYuasa Yarn Guide Engineering Co.YukaandAlphaZellweger Uster KK  International ExhibitorsAakar Expo Comm Pvt. Ltd.ACME Machinery Industry Co. Ltd.Agteks Knitting and Textile Ind. Co.American Textile Machinery Assoc.APSOArioli S.p.A.Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia (API)Asselin-Groupe NSCATA JournalAteliers Pierret S.p.r.l.Automatex Nonwoven S.r.l.Automation Partners Inc.Barco NVBestair Co. Ltd.Biella Shrunk Process S.a.s.Bobotex Hans Ladwig GmbHandCo.Brer AGChristoph Burckhardt AGCard-Monroe Corp. Carl Schlemper GmbHandCo. KGCavitec AG Cerveny Elitex Kostelec A.S.Chan Chao International Co. Ltd.Chang Chun Sheng Li MachineryandKit Co. Ltd.Chien Lun Machinery Co. Ltd.China Fiber Xin Lun EB Co. Ltd.China Textile LeaderChina Textile MachineryandTechnology ImportandExport Corp.Chung Yu Industry Co. Ltd.Ci Xi Hua An Chemical Fiber Equipment Co. Ltd.CIMI S.r.l.Continental Automation SystemsComoli Fermo S.r.l.Corino Macchine S.r.l.Costruzioni Meccaniche Tessili S.p.A.Mario Crosta S.r.l.Datacolor InternationalDay International Inc.Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik KGDrei-S-WerkEAG GmbH, Apparateund GeatebauElectro-Jet S.A.Electrotex AGEltex (UK) Ltd.Enka TecnicaErich Scholze GmbHandCo. KGES Mass Communication Sdn. Bhd.Europlasma NVEviloF.O.R. Ing. Graziano S.p.A.Federation of Textiles General GoodsandGarment Mechants Associations MalaysiaFehrer AGFesago GmbHFleissner GmbHandCo.Foster Needle Co. Inc.GainGebr. Klocker GmbHandCo. T und A GretagMacbeth Corp.Grob Horgen AGGroz Beckert KGH.W. Lee Consultants Ltd. Harry Lucas Maschinenfabrik GmbH Hastem Transportbaender GmbHJames H. HealandCo. Ltd.Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc.Heusch GmbHandCo. KGHumantec Industriesysteme GmbHIl Hueng Co. Ltd.India ITME SocietyIRO AB ITS PublishingJ. Schlenter GmbHandCie.Jes Media Inc.Jia Xing Jing Ming TechnicandInformation Co. Ltd.Jin Zhou Tai He Chemical FiberandTextile Spare Parts Factory Kasenshoku Machine Co. Ltd.Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbHKnitting InternationalL.G.L. Electronics Co. Ltd.Lafer S.p.A.Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.Laroche S.A.Lawer S.p.A.Lawson-Hemphill Inc.Liba Maschinenfabrik GmbHLindauer Dornier GmbHLoepfe Brothers Ltd.Maksteel Wire Healds Pvt. Ltd.Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Assoc.Manifattura Cincla S.r.l.MAT Di A. Bertoldi S.p.A.Karl Mayer TextilmaschinenfabrikMeiners-Del Ltd.Memminger-Iro GmbHMickle Texmach Corp.Ming Cheng Machinery Industrial Co.NV Michel Van de WieleNaval Overseas Pvt. Ltd.Nuova Vamatex S.p.A.OBEM S.p.A.Octir Deutschland GmbHPaper Communication Exhibition SrvcsPicanol NVPlantex S.p.A.Synthetic Fiber MachineryPointcarrR>Pradeep IndustriesPremier Colorscan InstrumentsProtechna Herbst GmbH Co. KGPT. Peraga Nusantara Jaya SaktiRaitech Inc. Riddhi PlasticsRieter-PerfojetRiotex Corp.Rob Hoppe GmbH Roj Electrotex S.r.l. Rothschild InstrumentsRyucheon Co. Ltd.Saint-Gobain Ceramiques Avancees DesmaquestSantex AGSantex-GroupSavio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.Scanvec Garment SystemSchablonentechnik Kufstein AGN. SchlumbergerandCo. GroupSchmauser Precision GmbHSchmeing GmbHandCo.Singer Spezialnadelfabrik GmbHandCo. KGSomet Weave Tech S.p.A.Sperotto Rimar S.p.A.Spinnbau Bremen GmbHStamperia Emiliana S.r.l.Stli-FranceStli-Horgen Steel Heddle Manufacturing Co.H. Stoll GmbHandCo.Stork Brabant BVStork Digital ImagingStork Screens BVSulzer Textil Ltd.Superba S.A.Su Zhou Chang Jiang Textile ElectricalandMachinery Co. Ltd.T.K.A.M. TextileandClothing Research CenterT.M.T. Manenti S.r.l. Taein Tech Co. Ltd.Taiwan Textile FederationTECOYATekstilandTeknik (Ihlas Magazine Group)PT. Texmaco Perkasa EngineeringTe Strake BVTextest AGTextile Asia /Business Press Ltd.Textile India Progress Textile Industries/ Textiles PanamericanosTextile Machinery Manufacturers Association (India)Thibeau-Groupe NSCTianjin Ainy Ele-Mechanical Co. Ltd.Trevil S.p.A. Usha Industrial Corp.W. KihlWagner GmbHWardwell Braiding Machine Co.Wistex GmbHWool Development InternationalWronz DevelopmentsWu Jiang Hong Xin Silk PlantWu Xi Textile Machinery Special Parts Factory Zonco FedericoandFiglio S.p.A.Zund Systemtechnik AGIT PavilionAdobe Systems Inc.ADTEC Co. Ltd.Allied Telesis KKAPSOAsahi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.Asahi Chemical Industry AGMS Co.Autodesk Inc.Brain Co. Ltd.Brainstorm Communications Platform Brother Sales Ltd.BUREA Co.B.S.D. Corp.Canon Inc.Canopus Co. Ltd.Chori Co. Ltd.Chori Com. Co. Ltd.Cisco Systems KKCompaq Computer KKCore Corp.Cosmo Summit Co. Ltd.Cosmos Co. Ltd.Creative Joy Co. Ltd.CREO Co. Ltd.CSS Computer Software System Co.CTC Apparel Systems Corp.Daiwabo Information System Co.DIS System Trading Co. Ltd.DIS Technical Service Co. Ltd.Eitopia Co. Ltd.Elecm Co. Ltd.Epson Hambai Co. Ltd.Fiber Frontier Co. Ltd.Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd.Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.Fujitsu Ltd.GTB Co. Ltd.Haneron Corp. Ltd.Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd.Hitachi Ltd.HSK Co. Ltd.I-O Data Device Inc.IBM Japan Ltd.Iconix Inc.igus GmbHigus Japan KKImage Tech Inc.InfasandNTT Network Inc.Intentia Japan Co. Ltd.Isetan Data Center Co. Ltd.IT Agent Corp.Itochu Corp.J.C. Systems Inc.Japan Telecom Co. Ltd.KDDIKitamura Mfg. Co. Ltd.Kodak Japan Ltd.Konica Corp.Kurabo Industries Ltd.Kyoto Techno System Co. Ltd.Lectra SystsMacnica Inc.Marubeni Corp.Marubeni Solutions Corp.Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.Melco Inc.Microsoft Corp.Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd.Mitsubishi Chemical Media Co. Ltd.Mitsubishi Electric Corp.MitsuiandCo. Ltd.MKO Co. Ltd.Mutoh Industrial Ltd.Nanao Corp.NEC Corp.Nihon Unisys Ltd.Nikon Corp.Nippon Sogo Systems Inc.Nisshinbo Industries Inc.NTTNTT Communications Corp.NTT DoCoMo Inc.Oki Data Corp.Olympus Optical Co. Ltd.Planex Communications Inc.PointcarrR>S.C.M. Promotion Cooperation AssociationSenken ShimbunSony Corp.Sumikin Bussan Information SystemsSuminoe Co. Ltd.Sumisho Electronic Co. Ltd.Sun Station Systems Co.Sunlit Sangyo Co. Ltd.Symantec Corp.System eito Co. Ltd.TechnoaTeijin Ltd.Tentac Co. Ltd.TISC Co. Ltd.Tokyoteoriki Textile Design CenterToray Advanced Computer SolutionToray Industries Inc.Toray System Center Inc.Toyobo Co. Ltd.Toyobo Fashion Planning International Co. Ltd.Toyobo Information System Create Co. Ltd.Toyoshima Business System Co. Ltd.Trend Micro Inc.Vision JapanWwin Co. Ltd.World Creative Lab. Co. Ltd.Yuasa Trading Co. Ltd.September 2001