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November/December 2015 November/December 2015

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From Farm To Fabric: The Many Faces Of Cotton - The 74th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)
12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

Capstone Course On Nonwoven Product Development
12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

2nd Morocco International Home Textiles & Homewares Fair
03/16/2016 - 03/19/2016

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Machines Italia Knitting

Machines Italia: KnittingWorld-class designer products and dazzling fashion trends aside, Italy also boasts a rich heritage of art, commerce and technology. Knitting companies in particular are using the Italian reputation for style and quality to market technologically advanced machinery.Innovation In TechnologyEstablished in 1955, Protti Fashiontronix S.p.A. has a reputation for building custom machines with special devices or modifications required by customers. Prottis process of needle-by-needle electronic selection, patented in 1969, helped earn this reputation. Machine tooling its own parts, Protti brings new developments into its on-site showroom, where its representatives can collaborate with customers to fine-tune advancements. Antonella Salomone, marketing manager, said China is a strong market for Protti. Growing markets include Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Baltic countries, Portugal and Spain. Circular-knitting machines from 4 to 18 gauge are selling well in Turkey.At ITMA 2003, Protti will show its new PV222 three-head machine, the flat-bed PV4i for knitting integralwear, and the IKS automatic programming system.The PV222 is characterized by three needle-bed sectors 110-centimeters (cm) wide and double system cam boxes. An innovative take-down, high productivity and quality production are main features. According to Protti, the overall production time to produce a 12-gauge, large-sized, long-sleeved V-neck mens sweater is 44 minutes.The special take-down device, used to create the setup, streamlines the process of programming the machine for new patterns, and enhances the ability to produce complex knitted wear or trimmings such as shoulder straps, small pockets, pointed ends and fine chains. The device also facilitates knitting fabrics with special yarns, an area of special interest to Protti. The PV4i series, already available in the market in 10 and 12 gauges, is now offered in a 5-gauge version. This model, as with others in the PV4i series, has the advantage of a very long needle bed (190 cm). The machines incorporate the possibility of working with joined or separated carriages and double-stitch cams, stitch-pusher and stitch-presser system, and its unique take-down device. The need for more samples with shorter turnaround times demands CAD systems and machines that are easy to use and capable of executing fast changes.Tomorrow's Seamless VisionVersatility of a broad market offering is exemplified at Lonati S.p.A. When the Lonati family expanded its holdings in 1988, it acquired a series of respected companies such as Santoni, Mec-Mor, Vignoni, Rimach, Exacta and MCM Cylinders. A joint venture with Takatori Finishing completed the package. The focus of the group is evolving. On average, every 10 days a member of the group presents its products at technical shows and international sportswear shows, among other events.Through the Lonati FashionandDesign Institute, Santoni demonstrates its commitment to academic training through associations with universities such as the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, and the London College of Fashion, London.Those who havent planned research, face reaction, said Valentina Gentilini, marketing, Santoni. New product development can be an alternative strategy for a market in crisis. Describing co-marketing strategies, Gentilini noted the proactive involvement of companies such as Nike and Adidas. Sara Lee also is a Santoni customer that has been a major player in the growth of seamless technology. With Speizman Industries Inc. in Charlotte as its US agent, Santoni offers standard circular-knitting machines and seamless technology. Besides making its own components, Santoni manufactures cylinders for others. Promotion of the SM8 single-jersey, the SM9 double-jersey and the SM4 C single-jersey machines for fully fashioned garments remains its focus. Santoni sees its strength in specialization, not in commodity machines.Using the Santoni 3-D Envision, designers can create and simulate construction, texture, garment structure and fit. Products displayed in the showroom and training center reflect the dynamic creativity of the technology in color, jacquard patterning, surface dimensionality, garment fit and innovative styling. Engineered customization can be realized by integrating other technologies, such as a body scanner and performance yarns.
The BS seamless machine from Orizio Paolo was on display at the International Hosiery Exhibition in Charlotte earlier this year.Flexibility And Reliability In The Global MarketFlexibility with a robust, reliable machine is the forte of Orizio Paolo S.p.A. Paolo Fumagalli, sales manager for the United States and China, said the most important markets for Orizio currently are China, Poland and Turkey. Steven Foster, customer care manager, summarized Orizios range of circular machines as single- and double-jersey, mechanical and electronic. Orizios products include the following innovations:Model JS2 a terry machine offering single-knit production of loops on both sides in 16 and 18 gauges with 44 feeds; MJT a new transfer machine with 54 feeds, including 18 for transfer and 36 for jacquard;J4CV a high-speed, single knitting head with cams suitable for high speeds (1.7 meters per second), along with an extended frame available for rolls up to 48 inches;yarn/fabric measuring program with standards preprogrammed into Orizio digital software; new pattern selection system for mini-jacquard models; anduse of perforated cards a fully or semiautomatic punch card process that replaces existing cartridges with newly designed selector units.The Oricontrol System provides machine information. Designed for global use, the system shows messages graphically, which minimizes operator interpretation of a specific language. Within its range of specialty machines, Orizio also offers a fully fashioned knitting machine to compete in the seamless garments market. The BS seamless is available in 11-, 13-, 15- and 17-inch diameters in gauges from 24 to 28 with eight feeders. This electronic single-jersey machine uses the Archimedes electronic controller to produce shaped garments with different stitch structures in multicolored patterns.Narrow Fabrics: Continuous InnovationFlexibility, a broad product line and specialization characterize Comez S.p.A. With few competitors producing crochet machines, Comez continues to advance the technology in mechanical and electronic models. Comez crochet machines and needle looms produce narrow fabrics for passementerie, rigid and elastic laces and bands, technical textiles, medical textiles and furnishings fabrics. The export market for Comez is strong in China, and growing in Turkey. From shoe tops to waist bands, crochet can be cost-effective and efficient. Moreover, for fancy trims, braids and fringes, crochet can create handmade looks. Customers can evaluate new products in the Comez research and development technical area. Sergio Denegri, director, Comez North America, Hickory, N.C., utilizes this service for collaboration with customers on new product solutions.At ITMA 2003, Comez will show a double-needle-bed machine capable of making tubular fabrics for medical textiles. It also will release a new version of its ComezDraw 2 software. CAD software for all Comez machines assists in reducing sample turnaround time, providing simulations and archiving of patterns.
Nancy Powell (left) and H.C. Luigi Omodeo Zorini, president, ComezFor outerwear, Comez also manufactures the electronic Testronic EL in 10 gauge, 100-cm width, a highly productive machine capable of making fabrics with both stability and/or controlled elasticity.The integration of advanced technology into high-end designer and mass-market applications has enabled the Italian fashion system to remain a leader in the world for design and quality. June 2003