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Quality Fabric Of The Month

Noise Foil

Shieldex® Nora Dell Nickel-Copper-Silver fabric provides state-of-the-art shielding against noise generated by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Janet Bealer Rodie, Assistant Editor

S hieldex Trading GmbH (US), Palmyra, N.Y., a subsidiary of Germany-based Statex Productions & Vertriebs GmbH, markets Statex’s coated and plated metalized textiles that offer properties ranging from antimicrobial protection, odor neutralization, thermal management and conductivity to shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Its newest product, Shieldex® Nora Dell Nickel-Copper-Silver fabric, is, in the company’s words, “a breakthrough fabric that meets rigid performance requirements” for EMI and RFI shielding applications, including tents, cables, fabric over foam gaskets, garments, and input/output and flat panels.

Nora Dell is a lightweight, rip-stop fabric woven with nylon monofilament that has been plated first with silver, then with copper, and finally with nickel to provide weatherability and protect against galvanic corrosion. It is an advanced version of Shieldex Nora, containing 200 percent more silver, 5 percent more copper and a denser construction than the original. Describing the fabric as a “flexible foil,” Bill Hoge, managing director, Shieldex Trading, said the improvements enhance the fabric’s high-frequency performance and virtually eliminate the problem of stress cracking, an important factor in tent and flexible component applications.

Manufacturers use Shieldex® shielding tents made from Nora Dell
fabric to provide temporary shielded rooms for precompliance testing.

“Silver enhances the shielding properties of the fabric at high frequencies, while copper does a much better job at lower frequencies,” Hoge explained. “The combination gives a full range of protection, but the density of the textile also helps at high frequencies. The fabric really represents a partnership between the textile and the metals.”

The fabric has been manufactured to military specifications and offers shielding effectiveness from 30 megahertz to 20 gigahertz, with an average of 85 decibels. Hoge said Nora Dell is easily produced, and has high conductivity and excellent ultraviolet stability.

Hoge said Nora Dell’s main application is in tents. Manufacturers find them useful as temporary shielded rooms for precompliance high-frequency testing. Military and government security agencies use them in operations that require portability and clandestinity.

Nora Dell also is used in foam gaskets for telecommunications applications, in which Hoge said it meets all pertinent manufacturing needs. He also mentioned the fabric’s potential in garment components and as wallpaper to shield against RFI from cell phones.

The fabric is currently in the next stage of research and development, and later this year will comply with the UL 94 V0 flammability rating — a must for military applications, Hoge added.

For more information about Shieldex® Nora Dell Nickel-Copper-Silver fabric, contact Bill Hoge (315) 597-1674.

February 2004