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September 22, 2011

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ITMA 2011 Exhibitor Previews

ACIMIT: Italian Technology Serving The Eco-Sustainable Textile Sector

MILAN - JULY 2011 - The "Sustainable Technologies" project has now been kicked off: through this initiative, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers wants to respond to the growing demand for sustainability in manufacturing processes, originating not just from end users, but including all of the various players in the global textile and clothing industry. One month from its launching, 24 of ACIMIT's associated members have already signed on, entitling them to display the "Supplier of Sustainable Technologies" logo.

ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, is the chief promoter of the "Sustainable Technologies" project, through which it intends to favour Italian machinery and technology that adheres to intelligent use and management of chemical products, energy and water for textile machinery, within a framework of eco-sustainable development. At the heart of the project is the creation of a descriptive label (the green label), designed by ACIMIT and used by its members as a self-declaration of the carbon footprint and specific technologies behind each machine or installation and its production cycle.

"The manufacturing industry is currently seeking new ideas to stimulate production," explains Sandro Salmoiraghi, President of ACIMIT. "In an effort to guarantee a renewed push towards growth, the textile sector, in particular, is turning to production models with processes, technologies and machinery that are efficient from an energy standpoint and provide a low environmental impact."

Within this context, textile machinery builders must adapt to the industry's demand for a sustainable development model that can offer efficient and effective technology solutions for end users. "The primary goal of our associated manufacturers must be that of supplying sustainable technologies which aim to reduce energy consumption, water and chemical agents in production processes, resulting in a production cycle that is more responsible and attentive to consumption," underscores Salmoiraghi. "This model is in line with what our customers are requesting from us."

Thanks to ACIMIT's green label, Italian machinery can now declare the environmental performance specifications of each machine they produce. The label provides a list of indicators, such as the machine's Carbon Footprint, a parameter which determines its ecological efficiency.

Italian machinery manufacturers adhering to the project must respect a protocol agreement and rigorous implementation regulations underwritten in partnership with ACIMIT, guaranteeing the validity of the data supplied to potential customers. The project's stringent guidelines and regulations grant further added value to the credibility of the information provided.

ACIMIT associated members participating in the "Sustainable Technologies" project can be recognised by the "Supplier of Sustainable Technologies" logo, which the association has created to promote visibility for those machinery manufacturers and technology suppliers who use the ACIMIT green label.

The ACIMIT website features a special section dedicated to the issue of eco-sustainability, where visitors will find an updated list of Italian machinery manufacturers who adhere to this project. One month from its launching, the following 24 companies have already embarked on the initiative: Brazzoli, Cibitex, Color Service, Comez, Comoli, Fadis, Ferraro, Flainox, Jaeggli Meccanotessile, Jem, Lafer, LGL, Loptex, Mario Crosta, Mesdan, Monti Mac, Obem, Plm, Pozzi, Reggiani, Roj, Salmoiraghi, Santoni, Tonello (data updated to 1st July, 2011)

The "Sustainable Technologies" project, which benefits from its cooperation with the European Nu-Wave project, is supported by Italy's Ministry for Economic Development and Italian Trade Commission, which has inserted it among its initiatives to be promoted and financed, convinced of the textile machinery sector's crucial role in the global economy.