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September 22, 2011

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12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

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ITMA 2011 Exhibitor Previews

Cezoma-Uniemach BV

The Netherlands
Hall 1, Booth A123

Cezoma, 1939-2011, more than 70 years specialist in winding know-how, research and machine building. As a member of the General Textile Machinery organization (GTM) in the Netherlands we have since 1951 in Lille, France, participated all ITMA exhibitions.

72 years specialised in developing and producing AUTOMATIC WINDERS for all kind of different industries, using the widest range of materials to wind. It is known all over the world that CEZOMA is producing these winders on the effort of generations with highly motivated technicians, which assures you of an up-to-date machine, simple to operate with a high efficiency and an excellent service know-how. The past has proven and the future will show that CEZOMA shall put additional research in the winders for a continuing refinement and development of new projects. Because CEZOMA is the specialist in fully automatic winders you can demand a lot from us and our machines ........., a challenge we gladly accept.

Winding from cotton to polyester from nylon, dynema, arramid, carbon to kevlar and from monofil to filament yarn in all different counts. All these yarns should be wound into different size packages on all kind variations of spools which can be made of plastic, paper, wood or metal. Seeing all the above possible variations it is for sure that CEZOMA is dealing in many different industries such as: 
standard textile industry - sewing thread; embroidery yarn; braiding (cordage, shoelace etc.); and carpet and upholstery fabric weaving
technical industry - dental floss; medical yarns; technical braiding; elastic and wire winding; label tape and belt weaving; and automotive.

We will introduce on the ITMA  2011 at Barcelona, Spain, the following models:

CE1487 PRE-WOUND BOBBIN WINDER (under bobbin)           
4-spindle automatic bobbin winder for the sewing thread, embroidery industry and dental floss market. New on this winder is a tension control system, new thread guide system for high speed winding.

4- spindle automatic flange bobbin winder specially used in the braiding and weaving industry.

Also our other standard models:
CE1187 TUBE WINDER            
4-spindle automatic tube winder for the sewing thread and embroidery industry.

4-spindle automatic cone winder for the sewing thread and embroidery industry.

4-spindle automatic kingspool winder for the sewing thread and embroidery industry.

CEF1487 PRE-WOUND BOBBIN WINDER (parallel wind)           
4-spindle automatic flangebobbin winder for the sewing thread and embroidery industry.

4-spindle automatic snapspool winder for the sewing thread and embroidery industry.

4-spindle automatic tube winder for braiding industry       

New on the ITMA 2011 is:
1. Advanced tension control unit.     
This new device (pre-winder)  is pre-winding the yarn from the supply package. After a certain length (which is adjustable) is wound on a big diameter drum the yarn tension on each spindle is equally going to the winding area and gives a higher quality final product in terms of length and tension in the final yarn package.   

2. Accurate meter length measuring.   
On certain machines (such as our bobbin winder) we can install a new tension drive system which gives individual length measuring on each spindle.

3. New bobbin winder.   
For the matrass bobbin, sewing thread, embroidery and dental floss winding

4. Snapspoolwinder.    
With this system we can fix the first and final tails for our customers which saves a lot of labour and gives a very consistent quality on the look (sales point of view) of the final bobbin.

5. Additional production automation.         
Besides the winding of several packages and bobbin shapes in the different industries we are now able to add more value to the machines for our customers by integrating additional handling and packing functions, such as placing the bobbins in boxes, bags and containers.

6. De-rolling system.   
De-rolling the supply packages to avoid extra twist in the final winding.

7. Quality control system measuring diameters and thickness