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More ITMA 2011 Exhibitor Previews

September 22, 2011

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September 22, 2011

Durst Phototechnik AG
September 22, 2011

Adaptive Control Solutions
September 20, 2011

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September 20, 2011

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Vietnam Fashion, Fabric & Garment Machinery Expo
11/25/2015 - 11/27/2015

From Farm To Fabric: The Many Faces Of Cotton - The 74th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)
12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

Capstone Course On Nonwoven Product Development
12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

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ITMA 2011 Exhibitor Previews

Groz-Beckert KG

Hall 3, Booth A204

In a few days' time, the 16th ITMA in Barcelona will be opening its doors. More than 1,350 exhibitors from 41 countries will be presenting innovations along the entire textile value-added chain. Groz-Beckert looks forward to seeing you from September 22 to 29, 2011 in Hall 3, at Stand A204! Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

Groz-Beckert at the ITMA in Barcelona

"Everything from a single source" - the world's leading trade fair for textile machinery production enjoys a reputation as a universal and cross-sector event - and with good reason, because the ITMA is traditionally the global platform for presenting technologies and product design. It is the medium for exchanges and communication in everything related to conception, research and academic expertise. Once again, the sector eagerly awaits the latest pathbreaking solutions for textile and apparel production.

Take a sneak peek right now at what Groz-Beckert will be presenting!

From world gauge fineness record to innovative cylinder changes - Groz-Beckert knitting technology at the ITMA in Barcelona

At the ITMA in Barcelona, Groz-Beckert is opening the gateway to new dimensions! 

Ultrafine gauges, ultrafine fabrics - A new world record
At the ITMA in 2007 Munich, Groz-Beckert presented solutions for the production of fabrics with gauge E66. Now, at the ITMA in Barcelona, we have a world record - with even more extremely ultrafine gauges. A new knitting technology with the world's finest knitting cylinder and the finest of precision components guarantees the uniqueness of an ultrafine knitted fabric in gauge E90.

Perfection in precision - Vo-LC™, the new needle generation
In the large circular knitting sector, Groz-Beckert will be presenting a further highlight at the ITMA in Barcelona: the Vo-LCTM-needle. The new needle generation is available for body seamless machines and large circular knitting machines. The Vo-LCTM-needle combines long years of know-how with numerous patented details. There are good reasons for the label "Perfection in Precision".

CylinderMaster - Innovative cylinder changes on large diameter circular knitting machines
The Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster represents simple, reliable, rapid and safe cylinder changes on large diameter circular knitting machines with diameters from 26" up. The machine is an entirely new development. The CylinderMaster considerably simplifies manual removal and insertion of cylinders on large diameter circular knitting machines. The risk of employee injury or of improper handling resulting in damage to the cylinder is almost completely ruled out. The European patent for the CylinderMaster has been applied for under number 10 192 591.5.

High performance in nonstop operation - The revolution for large diameter circular knitting machines
Due to a needle modification, large diameter circular knitting machines can now be produced at even higher speed. Specifically, Groz-Beckert has made changes to the cheek geometry. At the same time, the service life of the needles has been extended.

See for yourself during a live demonstration at the ITMA in Barcelona!

The needle modification has already been patented in the USA (Patent No. 7,469,562 B2), Japan (4 547 414 B2) and South Korea (10-937598). For Europe (1 921 189 A1) and China (101177838 A), patents have been applied for.

litespeed® oil consulting - Your path to the perfect lubricant
Experience creates the basis for new impulses: Groz-Beckert's unique, manufacturer-neutral oil database offers comprehensive information on everything to do with needle and sinker oils, from oil analysis to oil consulting and lubricant training. Precise oil analyses can be implemented very simply with the needle-oil test kit. On this basis you are given specific recommendations on further application or on needle-oil changes, thereby optimising your needle handling overall.

From tying machines to high-performance heald frames - Groz-Beckert weaving technology at the ITMA in Barcelona

In the weaving preparation sector, Groz-Beckert produces tying machines and also a fully-automatic drawing-in machine. Trade fair visitors will also see several interesting new and further developed weaving accessories.

KnotMaster - Experience efficiency live
How can ultra-fine cotton chains be tyed together efficiently? Groz-Beckert demonstrates this at the ITMA in Barcelona with the aid of a fast and universal KnotMaster tying machine, model AS/3. With its standard units for short knot-ends and for thread breakage control the machine also fulfils all requirements where other applications are concerned. The model XS/3 quattro, perfect for fashion weavers, will be demonstrated using the advanced computer control KC/3. The control not only facilitates operation but also reduces the risk of errors.

WarpMaster - Even more comfort during fully-automatic drawing-in
The fully automatic drawing-in machine WarpMaster features a new computer generation with a larger touchscreen, which enables simpler and faster operation. The new operating unit also has a remote support capability. Telemaintenance can thus be carried out via modem - for customer service in real time.

Warp stop motion 5800 - The sturdy, lightweight successor model
With the robust quality of the proven KFW 5600, the KFW 5800 is the successor of the eight-row KFW 1200 . With reinforced thread carriers and reduced weight, it caters to the steadily increasing requirements of modern weaving machines and guarantees interruption-free warp stop motion monitoring.

High-performance heald frame ALtop® - Now also with 140mm aluminium profile
The diverse Groz-Beckert heald frame assortment has been enhanced by the ALtop® heald frame with a 140mm aluminium profile. Its sturdy, high-performance corner connection using steel supports requires no plastic components and thus reduces wear. The patented technology of the ALtop® 140 is also offered with a newly-designed intermediate strut. This is clamped from steel to steel, and no longer to the aluminium profile. The result is far longer service life for the heald frame.

From the universal felting needle to optimal processing safety - Solutions for nonwovens at the ITMA in Barcelona

A felting needle for extreme requirements and a newly-developed needle package are just two examples of the new products that Groz-Beckert will be presenting at the ITMA Barcelona in the nonwovens sector. Find out all about the ideas and innovations - and how you can benefit from them!

EcoStar - The new, universal felting needle for extreme requirements
The new felting needle EcoStar is the result of a continuous, customer-focused further development - and is thus the first concrete result of the Innovation Initiative Nonwovens. Permanent changes in users' production processes are presenting standard felting needles with constantly new requirements. With the EcoStar, a needle has been developed that can be used universally for all applications. The fiber transport takes place at the same efficiency with lower penetration force. This is gentler on the machine during the needling process, and noise is reduced. Users benefit from a longer service life and lower energy consumption in comparison with conventional needles.

The EcoStar is planned for all the usual gauges as well as chrome and GEBEDUR I coating. Together with selected development partners, tests are currently being carried out to confirm the findings gained and also to obtain new ones.

For even more comfort - The new, patented needle package
At the ITMA Barcelona, Groz-Beckert will also be presenting a new concept for its needle package for felting needles. The change is already visible on the outside. At first glance, the new design reveals its Groz-Beckert identity.

The new needle package has a profile in the lower part of the box. This prevents the points and cranks of the needles from colliding and getting damaged. Handling is also simpler and faster! The needles are separated from each other in groups of 250 - ideal for removal. The new needle package is perfect for needling of the NeedleMaster. It can be placed on it ideally, enabling faster magazining. Needling time is reduced. Furthermore, the needles remain separated during storage of open boxes, and mixing is prevented.

The Board Master System - Efficient needling of needleboards
It was at the ITMA 2007 in Munich that the prototypes of the Groz-Beckert Board Master System were first presented. The innovative concept for effective and economically efficient needleboard needling met with highly positive feedback, and this encouraged Groz-Beckert to development it further. The tried-and-tested models are now available in time for the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona.

NeedleMaster - compact and gentle
The new NeedleMaster is smaller, more compact, faster and simpler to operate, and at the same time offers maximum performance at the highest level of safety and ergonomics. Quality and process repeatability fulfil the requirements of high-precision needles and boards. Furthermore, needling with the NeedleMaster takes place extremely gently. The diversity of boards that can be processed is almost unlimited.

The new BoardScoot is also smaller and more compact, making it more agile and easier to move. Here, too, safety and ergonomics take centre stage. In combination with the NeedleMaster, an effective system is provided for needleboard handling in the nonwoven industry.

Live demonstrations during the ITMA, every hour from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, will be displaying the numerous benefits of the NeedleMaster. In around 15 minutes, interested visitors will gain an initial impression of this innovative, optimised machine.

The outstanding quality and the benefits of the NeedleMaster are currently being proven in endurance tests, carried out together with selected development partners. The market-test phase includes intensive support. To guarantee this special service, only customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are currently able to test the NeedleMaster. Groz-Beckert thanks you for your understanding!

WindingMaster - Reliable and safe mounting of metallic card clothing
Mastering the process of mounting card clothing is necessary for the function of the carding roller, and it plays a decisive role in nonwovens production. Errors during mounting are detrimental to nonwovens production and often lead to defects in the web and in the end-product.

As a partner of the nonwovens industry and a systems supplier in the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert has investigated this topic thoroughly and will be presenting the result at the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. The WindingMaster, a study for further development of the card clothing mounting process, sets new standards in terms of quality, economic efficiency, repeatability and process reliability.

Discover more about the process reliability of mounting card clothing, and discuss process control in nonwovens production together with our experts.

New functions, even more comfort - Expansion of the Online Catalogue Tufting
Videos on all tufting methods, an increased level of detail, improved search functions: ever since the Online Catalogue Tufting was presented in the first edition of the Online Newsletter 2010, the medium has been expanded and optimised. Get a brief overview here of the new functions that will be presented to you in detail at the ITMA in Barcelona.
Animations move information
Loop Pile
Cut Pile
Cut Loop
Level Cut Loop

If Loop Pile, Cut Pile, Cut Loop or Level Cut Loop: vivid 3D animations make the most important tufting methods tangible.

Additional details
In the "basic knowledge" chapter of the Online Catalogue Tufting, the product information has been expanded. It now provides details on grinding options for the various gauge parts.

In the product catalogue, the search function has now been improved. Numerous additional sketches diagrams have also been added to clarify topics. Moreover, the product range is being steadily updated, so it always represents the current state of the portfolio at all times.

The compare function also enables you to compare up to three articles with regard to their parameters - for decisions on a transparent basis. Differences in product parameters during comparisons are marked in bold.

A notepad function is already integrated into the existing version. It enables you to place selected products individually and then call them up comfortably on later visits to the Online Catalogue. Furthermore, the notepad function can also be used as a query tool. In other words: you send the note, with the articles you have selected and the respective quantities, to Groz-Beckert via the "Send" function, and immediately receive an offer.

Simple and free-of-charge
You can enter rapid, up-to-date product queries, and profit from maximum query quality. You're led comfortably, step by step, to the product you want. Take advantage of comprehensive basic tufting know-how!

The Online Catalogue Tufting can be used free of charge after successful registration. All you need for this is an up-to-date Internet browser. The basic functions are open to all users. After registration further options can be used, all the way to placement of your own, customer-specific descriptions for particular products.

Please send your registration application by fax to the number +49 2865 909 5200. On receipt of your application for the Online Catalogue Tufting, Groz-Beckert will send you a username and personal password. Use this data to comfortably log in at tufting.groz-beckert.com.

Innovative technology for the perfect loop - LPC needle geometry now in the chainstitch sector too
Comparable problem situations in the chain stitch and lock stitch sectors have made similar suggested solutions possible. Ever since the introduction of LPC (loop position control) geometry in the 02/2010 edition of the Online Newsletter, the LPC range has been extended to include the chain stitch sector. At the ITMA in Barcelona, Groz-Beckert is presenting the solutions. LPC technology will also be demonstrated at the CISMA (Hall E4, Stand C29) in Shanghai, from September 27-30, 2011.

Lock stitch
Low loop formation with twist displacement in the sewing thread
Perfect loop formation thanks to LPC geometry on polyester core-spun thread

Conventional geometry
If very dense or hard materials are sewn together in several layers, the thread is crushed between the fabric and the edge of the longitudinal groove during the downward stroke of the needle. Especially when thick multifilament sewing threads are processed, the thread tends to be twisted tighter above the fabric and get caught in the longitudinal groove of the sewing needle. Above the fabric the thread is then usually twisted more tightly, and below the throat plate the thread is partially untwisted. This twist displacement can have negative effects on loop formation.

LPC geometry
Through improved geometry of the shank and the longitudinal groove on the LPC lockstitch needle, Groz-Beckert has achieved far better thread protection and less load on the thread as it runs over the edges of the longitudinal groove.

The result is gentler treatment of the thread. Furthermore, benefits are achieved even with critical applications. On the one hand, stable loop formation is made possible, while on the other, skipped stitches and thread breakage caused by poor loop formation can be reduced.

Chain stitch
Minimal loop formation when using textured sewing thread
On the same application, the LPC geometry achieves perfect loop formation

Conventional geometry
On 2- to 4-needle  machines the needle which is closest to the gripper forms the smallest needle thread loop. The reason for this is the short loop stroke. Machines adjusted to have a highly tensioned thread, or which process textured sewing threads, have a tendency to make skipped stitches. In high-speed photos it can be clearly seen that the needle thread loop is too small or badly formed.

LPC geometry
The LPC chain stitch needle also has the new shank and groove geometry - as well as a large eye in relation to the needle thickness. The processing of textured sewing threads is therefore improved. In combination with correct machine adjustment, LPC chain stitch needles make a well-formed, strong loop, even when a high stitch tension is required and with the use of textured yarns.

LPC - An overview of the benefits
LPC geometry - ...
... ideal for jeans production,
... for automotive applications
... or underwear.

Whether it's lock stitch or chain stitch, Groz-Beckert sewing-machine needles with LPC geometry are impressive in every respect. They all stand for:
  •     Perfect loop formation
  •     Avoidance of skipped stitches
  •     Optimally gentle treatment of sewing thread
  •     Gentle on fabric
  •     High needle stability