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12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

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12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

2nd Morocco International Home Textiles & Homewares Fair
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ITMA 2011 Exhibitor Previews

Oerlikon Textile Components

Hall 2, Booth D131

We are driven by innovations. Energy savings, quality, increase in efficiency and process know how are factors that convince our customers. Under the product lines Daytex, Heberlein and Temco, Oerlikon Textile Components offers the leading products to process synthetic continuous filament yarns. We are looking forward to welcome you at this year's ITMA Barcelona at hall 2, booth D131.

Costumers are asking for energy efficiency - we offer a solution
Sustainability is the key word of the day. Yarn producers are looking for concrete savings potential. The Temco® Nip Roller Unit by Oerlikon Textile Components is the answer for energy savings up to 50%. The nip roller consisting of a Temco® Bearing and a Daytex® Cot unifies the expertise of two leading specialists in one product.

The problem solvers - we care about costumer's problems
Customers announced different problems with the current Twist Stoppers. This was mainly because of star wheels assembled by screws. A further side effect was the unbalanced distribution of forces which lead to a reduction of the bearing life time. The slot between the star wheels complicated the removal of the yarn wraps. These were reasons enough for a complete reengineering.

The new generation of Temco® Twist Stoppers founded on elementary process competence corresponds to various costumer demands. The range of application covers all yarn counts, profiles and lustre, for any type of textured yarn.

The new Temco® Twist Stoppers are suitable for the upgrade or the equipping of all on the market available texturing machines. The current screwed assembly system has been replaced. The solution is called Snap-fit. It allows a screw-free assembly of the star wheels. Furthermore a fast and save exchange of the bearing is ensured. The reengineered construction is based on a snap fit. This allows a balanced distribution of forces on the star wheels which are made of diamond-polished high grade ceramics. The removal of yarn wraps is clearly facilitated as there is no slot between the wheels.

The new Temco® Twist Stopper at a glance:
- Excellent running characteristics
- Extended life time
- Easy cleaning and maintenance
- Snap fit for a screw free assembly

For a high degree of versatility and flexibility
The Heberlein® MultiJet is the first open/close system - for all spinning processes. The current 12 thread jet is now available for up to 32 threads. The compact mono block construction allows a pitch down to 4 mm.

The field of application covers the migration and pre-interlacing of textile multifilament yarns made of polyester, polyamide and polypropylene. The open/close design - in comparison to an open jet - ensures a more efficient use of the compressed air energy. This results in lower air consumption at identical performance respectively in a lager yarn count range. The retrofit to another jet type - for a fast reaction on changing market trends - can be done by an easy replacement of the jet pack.

One type for almost all yarn counts
The Heberlein® FibreJet TG is an extension of the existing product range. The migration and interlacing jets are designed for technical multi-filament yarns and BCF yarns for yarn counts from 400 dtex on. Heberlein® FibreJets stand for a constant interlacing performance and high position to position uniformity. The robust and corrosion resistant housing guarantees a long useful life even under extreme environment conditions.


Made by Oerlikon Textile Components the equivalent to innovation, highest quality, European engineering, highest reliability and expertly service features. Oerlikon Textile Components will prove the truth of this statement at this year's ITMA in Barcelona.

Different fields of competence with products tailor-made on Oerlikon Textile Components costumers will be on display. Visitors will see that we are not only supplier of expertise in components but also provider of integrated solutions.

Service Competence
The "Design Service" for bearings used in staple fibre processes is only one example. Tailor-made bearing constructions for OEM's are offered under the name of Texparts.

Application recommendations for components and spare parts are summarised under the term "Technology Service". It is imperative for Oerlikon Textile Components to support customers by sharing competence for their ultimate success.

Service Competence also includes the approach on finding new distribution channels. By implementing the Store concept, Oerlikon Textile Components peruses a philosophy of making time critical products available where and when they are needed. It is the time and money saving service for procuring and storing of spare parts.

Learn about our Competences
Several "Fields of Competences" are showing the innovative strength of Oerlikon Textile Components. Come and explore them on our booth!


It is not without pride that Oerlikon Textile Components with its product line Texparts looks back on nearly 40 years of the paperback book. It is safe to say, without exaggeration, that virtually every ring spinning mill in the world is familiar with the paperback featuring Oerlikon Textile Components. If it is not known under the term Paperback, then under "the Almanac of the Ring Spinning Industry" or the "Bible of Ring Spinners".

The first edition of the book was published in the seventies, at that time still by SKF. Even in those days the paperback contained a listing of all components, including recommendations on application and settings. The paperback was first published by Texparts in 2001.

The technical drawings shown with product dimensions support the selection process of the correct spare part. The user is often unsure which sub-components are part of his pendulum arm, for instance. This information is in the book, clearly arranged. Thus, for example, each pendulum arm includes a description indicating the type of top rolls (LP), cradles (OH) and clips (OCL) to be used.   

The practical paperback can be found on the desks of spinning managers or maintenance supervisors. What Texparts bearings do I need for the spindle drive of my ring spinning machine? What is the correct order number? How do I find the ideal pressure setting for my new pendulum arm Texparts® PK SE? What type of clips should I use for changeover to fine yarn Ne 120? How often should I perform an oil change on my Texparts® CS 1 S spindles? How do I calculate the twist multiplier Alpha English? What type of Accotex® top roll covering do I need for medium yarn count when processing a polyester cotton blend? When and how should I grind my Accotex® coating?

The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the practical guide on over 400 pages.

A new edition is published every 4 years. Traditionally, publishing coincides with the European ITMA. Since the Munich issue in 2007, the book has been published in the Oerlikon look. The product line Accotex with its cots and aprons for the staple fibre industry is included since that time as well.

The Almanac is available as CD or in paper form. In Barcelona, a new edition of about 3000 books wait for you with refreshed content in English and Chinese. Visit us at our stand. We will be happy to provide you with your personal copy.